Lingering Oil Smell in Augusta

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November 1, 2005
They’re working right now to get rid of a lingering smell in Augusta. News 12 is on your side with the cleanup to get rid of the smell. For the people who live and work in the area, it’s been a bad day of guessing what could make it smell so bad.

In East Augusta, this constant thumping sound is a sign of progress. The slow process of removing 10,000 gallons of oil from a leaky, rusty tank.

“We’ve tried to put a patch on the leak and we did get a patch on there, but it’s continuing to leak and we’re going to be getting rid of the waste water to the oil,” said Jeff Darley, Environmental Protection Division.

The smell lingers and spreads over several city blocks. And so everyone spent the day wondering, what’s the smell?

“It really smells strong, she thought it was old onions, but it do smell like gas,” said George O’Bryant.

“It’s got some type of oil smell to it, from a rear end of a vehicle,” said Steve Justice, Augusta.

Crews stand in knee-high concoction of oil and water, trying to contain what’s already escaped. Both tanks were built in the 1930’s, and for the last several years have gone without maintenance.

“The tanks are essentially abandoned. They were leased by Alternative Energy Resources, who has since gone bankrupt,” Darley said.

And that’s now left hundreds in a smelly situation.

“I wouldn’t want to stand around here smelling it all day, I can tell you that,” Justice said.

And after standing out here myself for several hours, it might start to get on people’s nerves. The smell gets into your clothing and hangs around even after you leave the area.