Halloween Patrols

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October 31, 2005
A ghoulish night and police are on the lookout for safety and those looking to sour Halloween. News 12 is on your side with Monday’s Halloween patrols.

It’s that time of year, with the weekend time change it’s completely dark at about 6 p.m. And on Halloween, that makes the job of police a bit more difficult.

“It’s the beginning of Deputy Alton Creech’s shift, six o’clock and nearly dark. That’s why he says wearing bright clothing on Halloween is so important.

“Trying to make sure all the kids have the proper vests and lighting on ‘em. Also, looking for duis, make sure everyone’s safe on the roadways,” Creech said.

The night starts pretty slow. During our ride-a-long, we cruise through Augusta’s neighborhoods and spot some dueling neighbors.

“Me and my brother do this every year. We got a competition going. Of course, he’s got me beat this year,” said Diana Nevils.

Two houses, side-by-side, try to out-do each other each year. As for safety…

“Of course, we’ve got a lot of grown ones coming by and that scares the little ones. But I enjoy the little ones, that why we did it,” Nevils said.

But later, a little one wanders off from his parents. It’s called in as a missing kid, but another unit quickly finds the boy down the street. Later, a couple traffic stops for illegal blue front lights and bass music that’s too loud.

A fairly normal night. But it’s not everyday the Grim Reaper chats with a deputy sheriff.

“Typically, it’s a busier night, more stuff, but mostly slow. It’s been a good night so far,” Creech said.

Deputy Creech works a 12-shift, so he’ll be working until 6 a.m. And he says the disturbances will start slowing down around midnight, but pick back up around four as some come home from late-night Halloween parties.