5 Under 35: Griselda Wilson

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October 31, 2005
They were picked for their awesomeness. Now, we want you to really get to know them. Lounge Magazine recently held a contest, 5 Under 35, the search for five people in the Augusta area making a difference in their community. News 12 introduces you to Dr. Griselda Wilson, a pharmacist in South Augusta who is giving people a dose of her heart.

A prescription packed with a little more than pills. Dr. Griselda Wilson makes it her job to fill more than bottles for clients. She fills their hearts.

“We do free delivery of medication, charge accounts for the elderly not able to pay, and we offer patient assistance,” Dr. Wilson said.

Dr. Wilson was a young girl when she decided to be a pharmacist, she was sick in the hospital. Today, she’s helping others get better. At 29 years old, she opened the first African-American owned pharmacy in the CSRA.

“And it’s a lot of work, dedication, and commitment and time consuming. You lose out on a lot, but you gain a lot and the rewards of being able to help somebody if it’s a passion for you,” Dr. Wilson said.

Pharmacy is Dr. Wilson’s passion. Pharmacy Tech Shewanda Harris has been behind this counter since the doors opened and she knows it.

“She’s just good to people all around from her health screenings to being a wonderful caring person,” Harris said.

Outside the Medicine Shoppe, Dr. Wilson stays active in her community. Working with a homeless organization as well as being part of her neighborhood association are just a couple of the things that keep her busy.

It all stacks up. You’ll even find Dr. Wilson in schools and churches talking about her career and passing out healthcare information.

A rewarding career for Dr. Wilson, a woman looking to help others and add her own personal touch. Dr. Wilson’s pharmacy opened in October of 2001. She’s now 33 years old.