Two hospital workers say identities were stolen by employees

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, May 28, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga.---These days, everyone has to be careful who personal information is given to. Two hospital workers say fellow employees tried to take their identities.

Bridgett Martinez is now out of jail on bond. Deputies say she pretended to be one of her co-workers to get a $24,000 loan.

Gloria Williams says it's scary because deputies say Martinez worked at University Hospital. Gloria's mom is a patient at the hospital.

"It would scare you, and I mean, it's just like it's not safe to go anywhere and do nothing," she said.

An incident report filed with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office shows Alice McKie noticed the loan on her credit report in March, which led to Martinez's arrest May fifth.

Deputies say the alleged victim then told some other employees about what happened. That's when another employee realized identity theft was something she could now identify with.

Jaime Pleze checked her credit report after the first incident and noticed something funny. She says another employee, Evie Ware, took out a home equity loan using her information.

Deputies have not charged Ware. They are getting information from the bank to see if she's done anything wrong.

Williams says if it's true it worries her that Ware still works there in the registration area, and has access to some patient information.

"It's a lot of stuff there people can do with your identification card, they can get you in a lot of trouble," Williams said.

Officials at University Hospital say they are looking into Ware's history and checking to make sure she didn't access any patient information she shouldn't have. They say they do constant checks to make sure employees only use the information they should.

They do not believe anyone's information has been compromised at this time.

Identity theft is a felony charge that can carry prison time of up to ten years.

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