Unique Habitat for Humanity Build in Aiken County

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October 30, 2005
Building a home for a family in need. Habitat for Humanity started its latest build this weekend in Aiken County with a twist. News 12 has more from Warrenville.

The hammers are flying, laying the ground floor studs of this home in Warrenville. Thirty volunteers are up bright and early to kick off Habitat for Humanity’s latest build.

“We’re building this house for a single mom and her daughter so I think that adds a little bit to it as well,” said Barbara Zagrodnick, volunteer.

“You get excited to move things along. But I’m trying to hold back,” said Jack Butler, volunteer.

Habitat for Humanity has built tons of houses in Aiken County. But this one is unique and I actually stick out like a sore thumb.

“This is called the Women’s Build. There have seen several of these all over the nation and this is the first one done in Aiken County. What it is, it’s women doing all of the work,” Zagrodnick said.

And that’s why Jack Butler is holding back. He’s only allowed to advise, hammering’s against the rules for him.

“It’s been good, the women are great, you can see they’ve got a lot of the deck down, they’ve got the studs, hopefully by the end of the day we’ll have some walls up and it’ll start looking like a house,” Butler said.

And it’s brought first-timers out of the woodwork. This is Samantha Caniglia’s first Habitat build.

“I’m a little handy and I like watching handyman shows, but my sister, she’s a great carpenter and she taught me a few things,” Caniglia said.

“It’s an opportunity for women to feel a little more comfortable with, ok, it’s going to take 20 times to put this nail in. Be patient. Go ahead, take all day, as long as you get it in at the end that’s all that matters,” Zagrodnick said.

This new house, courtesy of a woman’s flair.

Crews will work for 16 weeks to complete the house. Women have already built more than 450 homes across America, in coordination with Habitat for Humanity.