Georgia Summer School Enrollment Up

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May 27, 2008

ATLANTA (AP) -- School districts across Georgia are bracing for
increased enrollment in summer math classes. The review classes are
recommended, but not required, for the increased number of students
who failed the math part of a competency test this year.

According to preliminary estimates released last week, nearly
50,000 of the state's eighth graders, or almost 40 percent, failed
the math part of the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test this

According to the data, that's about double the failure rate last

State education officials have said they expected the drop in
test scores because eighth-graders were taking a harder test based
on a tougher curriculum. The scores are preliminary, and the state
is expected to release detailed data next month.

Math and reading CRCT scores are among the measurements Georgia
uses to meet federal No Child Left Behind standards.

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