Mom's At Home Business Booming

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October 25, 2005
She started a company from her home so she could be with her son. After six years and lots of hard work, business is booming. The story of this Aiken County woman is in the November issue of Parent’s Magazine. News 12 is on your side with how one mom made working at home a success.

“If there’s something you really think that you can do, just don’t give up or talk yourself out of it,” said Natalie Hayes.

It’s an attitude that got Natalie Hayes’ at home business from crawling to running. And the success of is an example to other moms in this month’s issue of Parents Magazine.

“I’m not corporate material. I’m not into the politics, so I get to escape that,” Hayes said.

Natalie’s Baby Gift website was born a year after her son, Saxon, in 1998. This single mom was working a corporate job and felt guilty when she had to stay home with her sick baby.

Because of successful gifts like the Diaper Cake, Nicole’s business went from one product to more than 500. After two years she was able to quit her job and now she has three employees helping her out.

While employees fill 30 orders a day in the basement, Natalie goes back and forth between being boss, mom and teacher.

In the morning, she homeschools Saxon, who is now seven.

“I probably work more hours per week, but I’m able to really arrange it around anything that’s going on,” Hayes said.

Natalie admits, the job isn’t easy.

“Disadvantages? It’s all on you. All the problems are yours,” Hayes said.

But, more time with her best baby gift is the ultimate company benefit.

Natalie is working on another website,

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