Only on 12: Tubman student attacked with comb

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News 12 first at five, May 21, 2008

Augusta, GA---"Children will be children," said Lashonna Avery. She was not mad one day after a female student took a comb to her son's head...drawing blood. It happened at Tubman Middle School where Lashonna happens to be a teacher.

"It could have been more serious, but it wasn't," said prinicpal Dr. Wayne Frazier. The school officer charged the student with felony aggravated assault.

"I don't think it was assault it was just a scratch,"said Lashonna. "We doing something that's blowing something way out of proportion," said Dr. Frazier.

" one has the right to put hands on other people," said Dr. Dana Bedden. "People make poor decisions during the day, and there are consequences for it," said Bedden.

It looks as if this could have been avoided. This isn't the first time that same student has been in trouble. A fight back in April involving knives sent her before a tribunal and landed her in-school suspension. Some how she ended up back in class.

"At this point I'm not that bent out of shape by the mistake. I'm upset that a mistake resulted in injury to another student...while a minor injury it still should not have happened," said Dr. Bedden.

"I hate that it happened. It shouldna happen, but we can't undo it, and I need to move on, and we need to move on," said Dr. Frazier. one young man sits at home on the mend. "Trust me he is ok. If he wasn' would know," said Lashonna.

The school tells us that female student has been put in counseling.

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