Military Idol Competition at Fort Gordon

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October 23, 2005
Hundreds auditioned, 36 made the trip to Fort Gordon, six made the finals, but just one is the Military Idol. News 12 follows one soldier’s journey through the competition in a story you’ll see only on 12.

In the mix of lights and cameras, Sergeant William Glenn spends the minutes before his final performance soaking up the moment. He flew in from his base in Germany just for Military Idol and now he’s in the top five.

“Heard from them and they said Glenn, we saw you on TV, you lookin’ good. So I’m excited to be here representing my unit,” Sgt. William Glenn said.

Glenn’s mom is here, too, from sweet home Alabama.

“We grew up signing a cappella and the first song my dad had him singing in church was God Has Smiled On Me. He was three years old and he’s been singing ever since,” said Pecola Collins, William Glenn’s mom.

Inside their contestant trailer, the other contestants practice for their big number. These boots, made for walking, get a rest and the uniforms are off.

Saturday’s the day for them all to shine. And the final contestants give it one more try. One day later, anticipation is high as the winner is revealed.

It’s Sgt. Glenn, beating out hundreds of others. He’s overcome with emotion and checks the card just to make sure it’s right.

“You really think that someone else may have gotten it, but your name is called and it’s just total awe. Installations from all over the world, the best from their installations came here and to walk out the winner is such an honor,” Glenn said.

Going out on a high note as the first-ever Military Idol.

Sgt. Glenn got $1,000 for winning Military Idol. Unfortunately he won’t get to try out for American Idol because at 42, he’s older than that competition allows. But he will sing at military events all around the world.