MCG reveals five-year plan

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News 12 at 11, May 20, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- Lots of growth is the plan at MCG. More students, more faculty, and more staff.

"We're growing in Augusta. We have a concrete plan for how to do that. We're developing the resources and the strategies," Dr. Daniel Rahn said.

A master facility plan, showing the development plans for the next five years. The plan includes the expansion of the School of Dentistry, and School of Medicine. Traffic patterns will also change. That means less traffic on 15th Street. Dr. Rahn said this will be a huge benefit to Augusta, both for health and economic reasons.

"It's exciting to see the expansion. It's exciting to see the buildings, and the green space that's being planned. As well as the cancer center or clinic that's being planned by MCG Health Inc," Pat Goodwin said.

This expansion will also put a new skyline to Augusta.

"You know as you look around Augusta you see new buildings, new facilities all around us. And I think this is MCG's way of adding additionally to it," Goodwin said.

But for Mary Scott, the expansion means losing her home. She's being living at Gilbert Manor for almost a year.

"Well I hate it, but there aint nothing I can do about it. Everybody's suppose to go," Mary Scott said.

And by October 2008, MCG leaders hope to start demolition on Gilbert Manor.

"I hate to see them tear it down, my apartment. I don't know about everybody else, but I enjoyed living here. But I know I have to go," Scott said.

Dr. Rahn said they hope to get the Gilbert Manor property through an arrangement with the Housing Authority and City of Augusta, within the next few months. He said once that happens, the project will move forward.

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