Weekend break-in at Augusta Alternative School

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News 12 at 11, May 19, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- The Bungalow Alternative School on Bungalow Drive in Augusta was vandalized over the weekend. Richmond County investigators said the surveillance video shows three individuals with their heads covered and wearing large jackets.

A weekend break-in at the Alternative School in Augusta. Richmond County investigators said it happened sometime between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

"Typically what we find is generally, the people who break into the schools are usually students from the school. So I have no reason to believe that that trend has changed," Lt. Tony Walden said.

When the three people got inside, they took four computers, and damaged another one. And you can see where they broke out several windows.

"The tax payer of Richmond County put this school in my trust and my protection. And you really feel like it's a home invasion," Principal T.J. Norris said.

Principal T.J. Norris said he was surprised when he found out about the crime.

"You take it personal because this is your school, and you're responsible for it. And it's almost like someone invaded your home," Principal Norris said.

Invaded is right. Investigators said the burglars got into the school through one of the skylights above the cafeteria. Lt. Tony Walden said they went inside eight classrooms rummaging through desks and drawers. They broke out the glass on several classroom doors.

"They went into the teachers lounge first. Once they went into the teachers lounge, they pried open a vending machine inside there and obviously took some change out of it," Lt. Walden said.

They also rummaged through the front office. Although the suspects descriptions are vague, investigators are confident they'll find them.

"The school cases we have, we pretty much got a good record of solving them all. So I have no reason to doubt that we won't solve this one also," Lt. Walden said.

Investigators are still looking for the three individuals. If you have any information, call the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

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