Summer costs affecting even high income families

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News 12 First at Five; May 19, 2008

AIKEN, S.C. --- Everything this day and age seems to be going up. Now, even one family who makes about $90,000 a year is going to be making some cuts this summer.

Kids want to do everything. But this summer, parents are cutting down on giving their kids everything they want, thanks to those rising prices.

"Bring the beach to me," says Julie Corbett. It's a plea this parent of 3 and teacher is making.

"It's going to be tough for us," she says.

She's closing the door on the summer camp options for her kids this year. They can still go, but with restrictions.

"They'll be upset, I'm sure. We'll have to find something fun do to at home instead," says Julie.

Her family has a total income of about $90,000. This summer, she'll be budgeting about $300 of that to summer programs and another $1,000 on family vacations. But this year, they will be traveling less.

"Hope that they'll understand and make the best of it at home and close by instead of traveling as far away as we normally do," says Julie. "I'm sure we'll cut back on trips to the lake."

That's because one trip to the lake means a $75 gas bill for the boat and not to mention the about $600 gas bill they'll have this summer. It all adds up to about $2,400, meaning cuts will leave her planner a little emptier than usual.

She isn't the only one strapped for cash this summer. Dawn Bryant has to cut back this summer too for her two boys.

"We've made some decision on summer activities based on the gas prices. We won't be going to as many places," says Dawn.

That's thanks to a $1,600 gas bill this summer for herself, her son and her husband.

She, a teacher, taking her school less to her own home.

"Lay it on the table and say this is what we're going to do and this is our options. You know, you choose what options you feel like we need to do," says Dawn.

We want to know what you will be cutting this summer. Leave your comments on this story, along with your budget breakdown.

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