Local Update: May 16, 2008

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Exclusive: Child Cries Abuse:

Richmond County Board of Education officers are taking a closer look at one of their own this morning. A 14-year-old girl claims an officer injured her yesterday at Bungalow Road Alternative School. The victim says the incident happened after the officer threw her to the ground.
She says the officer did this after getting upset with her for not taking her jacket off in time. Authorities say she and the officer both have cuts and bruises. The investigation continues.

Memorial Day Gas:

The Memorial Day weekend starts a week from today. But even with the high gas prices, Triple 'A' is only expecting a one-percent drop in the number of travelers for the big weekend. The bad news is the price at the pump could get even uglier come July first. That's when the Georgia state gas tax will go up. The state will tell us how much it will go up on June first.

Red Light Bill:

The House and the Senate have both agreed on a bill, allowing them motorcyclists, mo-ped drivers, and bicyclists to run a red light in South Carolina. But they can only get away with it after waiting for two minutes, at a light that's not changing, at a clear intersection. The bill is now on the way to Governor Mark Sanford's desk. He says officers would have a hard time enforcing it.

Deadly Fire Report Released:

A new report about a deadly furniture store fire, has harsh words for the Charleston Fire Department. Nine firefighters lost their lives battling that blaze ayear ago. The report says the department did not adequately train or supervise its employees. It also says the firefighters didn't follow standard practices and were using out-dated equipment. In addition, papers show that if the super sofa store had installed a sprinkler system, the fire likely would have stayed in the loading dock where it started. The blaze there was the greatest loss of firefighters since the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center. That fire prompted the fire chief to step down this summer.

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