Columbia County Pet Adoption

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October 7, 2005
Columbia County Animal Control is cutting its adoption rates in half Friday and Saturday to encourage people to bring home a new pet.

About twenty animals sit in cages waiting to go home with a new family. Little Moonlight and Sunlight were found abandoned on the side of the road in Grovetown a week ago. That’s just one of the 11,000 reports that Animal Control gets each year.

Former Richmond County Animal Control manager and current vetrinarian Bonnie Bragdon adopted an abandoned pet and saved the pit bull from almost certain death.

“I believe it had been used as a bait dog, it had been brought in and she was covered in wounds and she was emaciated and very thin, I thought she was going to die,” Bragdon said.

She suspects the owners let bigger dogs attack the puppy. Her pet is doing well, but Columbia County Animal Control Manager Linda Fulmer says the 20 kennels fill up fast, so they have to choose who gets to stay.

“It depends on how healthy they are and how long they have been here, that is the main issue,” Fulmer said.

They rescue about 5,000 animals each year, but only about 300 find homes. The 12 people on staff respond to about 40 calls a day, and this number will only grow as Columbia County’s population increases.

Petsmart manager Ed Kohberger works with Columbia County to keep animals from being euthanized.

“It’s inhumane, it’s not their fault. So we try to get them with a family,” Kohberger said.

That’s what little Sunlight and Moonlight are hoping for, to get out of the kennel and into a home. The adoption continues Saturday from 8-12. Dogs are $10 and cats are $5. Animal Control is located at 6337 Columbia Road in Appling.

Lost and Adoptable Pets in Columbia County
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