World Target Shoot Comes to Edgefield

October 6, 2005
It’s the World Championship for Still Target Shooting. And starting this year, the annual event will be in Edgefield at the National Wild Turkey Federation.

“There’s not many places where you can get crowned world champion and that’s kind of the draw here,” said Rhett Simmons.

The draw is bringing more than a hundred people to Edgefield from places like Oregon, Illinois, Connecticut and North Carolina.

Competitors get one of these targets. They’re trying to perfect their skills, so the goal here is to shoot as many pellets into this red circle.

The money raised from the Still Shoot supports the Turkey Federation’s outreach program Wheelin’ Sportsman.

“Wheelin’ Sportsman provides outdoor opportunities for disabled individuals,” Simmons said.

But competitors’ cash will also be flowing at Edgefield businesses. They’re buying gas and food here, and staying the weekend.

Joe Stertz owns the Edgefield Inn. This championship has filled all his rooms and the calls keep coming.

“We’ve turned away probably enough people to fill this place twice over,” Stertz said.

Because of that, surrounding areas will reap tax dollars, too.

It’s a competition that’s a blast for business.

Organizers of the Still Shoot hope to grow this and bring in more competitors each year. And if you enjoy target shooting, it’s not too late to join in. The Still Target Shoot is Friday and Saturday, you can stop by the Wild Turkey Federation between 9 and 5. The final competition for the world title is Sunday.

Click here for more information on the event and click here for more information on the Edgefield Inn.