Jefferson County hit by two storms in two months

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News 12 at 6 o'clock; May 12, 2008

LOUISVILLE, Ga. --- For Jefferson County, this is the second time in two month storms have hit their neighborhood. The latest round of weather slammed into Louisville, this happening just a week and a day before a deadline for assistance.

News 12's Gene Petriello was out in the damage on Monday and has the latest.

This is the latest round of trouble coming on the heels of the March storms. That's not giving people very much time to simply recover.

"I had no earthly idea there was bad weather anywhere and I began to hear 'bang, bang, bang' everywhere. I thought the wind must be blowing," says Joyce Greenway.

Joyce never thought she'd see the trees and destruction in her backyard.

"When I looked out that window and see and did see, I knew there was more than just bad weather," says Joyce.

Now, her roof is covered with a tarp.

"I asked God, peace be still. Peace be still and it was all over. I didn't have time to get scared," says Joyce.

This round of storms coming in the shadows of the March tornado's in Jefferson County. Also, it comes just a week and a day before the May 19th deadline to ask Georgia for help from the first round of storms.

Mary Rhodes is a busy woman these days.

"Just anybody we see in need, we're trying to help," says Mary.

She helped out in March and now she's helping out again.

"We've been blessed because no one got hurt. That's the wonderful thing. A lot of material damage but that can be replaced," says Mary.

Back to back storms causing destruction in the area.

"The blessings outweigh the pain," says Joyce.

Those blessing in the form of people. People like Mary and Joyce and others.

"We love each other. We care about each other. That we come together in times of need and we're just there to support each other," says Mary.