Gas Stations Running Dry?

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October 3, 2005
After climbing again over the weekend, gas prices are around $3 a gallon Monday night. Another sight that’s becoming more and more familiar are bags over the nozzles signaling that at least temporarily the stations are out of gas. News 12 is on your side with why it could get worse before it gets better.

The gas pinch continues. And now a gas storage facility that supplies local gas stations says it’s completely out of regular unleaded.

Uwe Velleaur and his family are feeling, once again, the pain at the pump. Prices are hovering close to $3 a gallon.

“About 5, 6, 7 years ago we filled up a car like this for $10. Now, you need $40-$50,” Velleaur said.

This BP Station on Washington Road is now restricting gas purchases to $50 per customer. Across the street at Raceway they’re already in a pinch.

“We’re out of Plus right now and really low on the regular and we’re to get some more tonight after midnight,” said Jomar Custodio, Raceway Gas Station owner.

Both stations ran out of regular unleaded gas over the weekend. And it doesn’t appear the low levels will increase anytime soon.

“It’ll take probably weeks before we can get enough supply to keep stations from running out,” Custodio said.

And making matters worse, News 12 has learned that one of the area’s gas storage facilities is completely out of regular unleaded. And the company, Magellan Terminals Holdings, is dangerously close to running out at its other location nearby. A spokesman says it’ll be at least a week before they get any more.

“Still very short on supplies, I know that for a fact,” Custodio said.

“It’s ridiculous for big cars, what are you gonna do when you have a big car and you need to fill it? I got buddies it takes $90-100 to fill up,” Velleaur said.

And on Monday night a major U.S. oil supplier is evacuating five platforms in the Gulf of Mexico as Tropical Storm Stan nears the Mexican coastline.

What’s the advice from gas station owners? The main message is don’t panic. If you don’t need gas, don’t rush out and get it. And try to restrict your travel, but with $3 gas, that message is getting across to many.