5-million-dollar lottery winner found slain

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DUBLIN, Ga. (AP) -- A 42-year-old Georgia woman who won 5 million dollars in the state lottery a year ago has been found stabbed to death in her home.

Doris Murray's ex-boyfriend has been charged with murder.

Authorities say Murray's family called police after they saw 51-year-old Derrick Stanley leaving her home with blood on his face. Stanley was caught after leading police on a car chase. He's being held without bail.

An investigator thinks the two may have argued after she told him she wanted to break off their relationship and just be friends.

The sheriff for Laurens County says Murray "lived by meager standards" despite her winnings. She won the prize on her birthday in April of last year and chose to take it in annual payments of $172,000 over 20 years to set up a trust fund for her grandchildren.

The lottery says the money will continue to be paid to whoever is in Murray's will.

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