On Your Side: Saving at the Store

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Most of you have probably noticed groceries are costing you a lot more these days. There are some things you can do to save and they don't have to involve clipping coupons.

One is looking high and looking low on the shelves when you shop. The higher-priced items are often at eye level where they are easy to grab. The cheaper ones may just take a little scanning.

Next up, don't always go with the bigger boxes because they don't always offer a big savings. Doing a little basic math to compare the unit prices will let you know if you'd be saving any money at all.

Also, eat what you buy. That means paying attention to leftovers and the expiration dates so you are not throwing out good food.

And lastly, watch the scanners when your food is being rung up. Sometimes, certain things can be mis-priced and that can be very costly to you. If you can't see the scanners, don't leave the store without checking your receipt.

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