New Sex Offender Law Proposed in GA

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September 30, 2005
House majority leader Jerry Keen wants sex offenders out. The St. Simon Island Republican is proposing stiff penalties on sex offenders in the state of Georgia, hoping to become one of the strictest in the nation. News 12's Diane Cho is on your side to see how the proposed new law will effect our neighbors in South Carolina.

Eddie Williams likes to be able to keep an eye on his neighborhood. That's why he became a member of the Gumdrops Neighborhood Watch Group in Aiken. But he doesn't agree with a new bill being proposed in the Georgia House of Representatives that would make sex offender laws more strict for the peach state.

So what exactly was proposed that would make Eddie, in Aiken, disagree?

Here are a few suggestions. Increase the minimum prison time for sex offenses to ten years, with a minimum of 25 years and a maximum of 50 years. Offenders deemed to be sexually dangerous predators would wear electronic monitoring devices for the rest of their lives. Probation would not be an option for those convicted of sex crimes.

It's purpose? To essentially drive offenders out of Georgia. They should take care of their own rather than shipping them out to other states in surrounding areas.

And for our South Carolina neighbors, only a quick drive away, Eddie says it's a move the citizens of South Carolina would not welcome to their state. For now, Eddie will keep one eye on his neighborhood, and one on the Georgia House.

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