Aiken Center For The Arts Expands

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September 30, 2005
The Aiken Center for the Arts has almost doubled in size. The new renovations mean more classes and more performances for the community. The Center's Executive Director Kristin Brown is excited to show off her new space.

After three years of work and $1.5 million, the center now offers a second floor full of options.

"We are a source for the community, is the way we look at it, and with this wonderful building completed and in such a wonderful shape we hope to see everyone here," said Brown.

The Art Center has gone from one classroom to seven. Already art classes have doubled. Twenty classes including watercolor, cartooning, drama and even yoga are available.

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There's also extra space for artwork. While the downstairs space will continue to hold local and national artwork, upstairs will often feature the work of Aiken County school kids. An 8th grader at Schofield Middle School drew the current jungle exhibit.

Perhaps the most exciting addition is the Brown Performance Pavilion. There, you can watch a variety of performances including dance, music, drama and a film series. The pavilion seats 150 people comfortably in reclining chairs. Now Kristin wants to fill the seats and hope you help her out.

"We are a mainstay of the main street of Aiken and hope to be where everybody would like to be and participate," said Brown.

Admission to the Aiken Center exhibits is free. You're also invited to the Art Center's Grand Opening from 3 to 6 p.m. on Saturday. It's free and includes crafts, caricatures and more. You can also sign up for art lessons and meet the instructors.