Face of homelessness is changing

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News 12 First at Five/ Monday, Dec. 24, 2012

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- As you gather around the Christmas tree, area rescue missions are hoping to provide some comfort to Augusta's homeless community.

According to recent reports, one-third of Americans are one paycheck away from living on the streets.

Cody Hall works the front desk at the Garden City Rescue Mission. He's been volunteering there for years.

Hall says he gives back because he hasn't forgotten.

"It's special to me because I was homeless for five years. This place gave me somewhere to go," Hall said.

The Salvation Army, Garden City and Augusta Rescue Missions are three places the homeless can go for help.

"We have had to turn people away when we've been full," Hall said.

"If those places are maxed to capacity, then they have to find another place to stay," said Salvation Army Cpt. Tony Perez.

Not all homeless people are drug addicts. The face of homelessness is starting to look a lot like the middle class. One-third of Americans are one paycheck away from living on the streets.

"We see it every day, where a mom and other middle class people lost their jobs. Now they need the services of the Salvation Army, " Perez said.

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