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Only On 12: Boyfriend of double murder victim speaks out

Murder victim Marlow Mathis
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News 12 at 6 o'clock, May 1, 2008

THOMSON, Ga. -- A Thomson man is accused of a double murder and he may face two feticide charges as well, after two young women were murdered on Wednesday in McDuffie County.

Investigators say Bryant Williams killed his girlfriend Linda and her sister Marlo. Marlo's boyfriend is speaking out exclusively to News 12 about the loss of his girlfriend and unborn child.

Dominic Moss says Wednesday, he lost everything at the hands of Bryant Williams. "Hurt; she was a part of me." And his girlfriend of three years, Marlo Mathis was due to give birth to a part of him this August.

They had even picked out their son's name. "Montavious, Montavious Jarar."

But instead of the family planning baby showers for Marlo and her newly pregnant sister Linda, the family must now plan their funerals.

"They were wonderful girls. They didn't deserve what happened to them. Everybody wants to know how it feels to hold their first born, they don't have that," says their cousin Betty Ann Andrews.

Both women were shot to death inside a Thomson apartment Wednesday afternoon and investigators say Linda's boyfriend pulled the trigger over a domestic dispute.

"We are going through pure hell, hell. Like I said last night, he didn't have to do this at all," says their aunty, Sarah Walker.

And on Thursday in court, Bryant Williams said this, "I want y'all to know, do whatever y'all want to do, I want the death penalty."

But that isn't good enough for the Mathis family. "He don't deserve that, he deserves to be punished, but not the death penalty," says Lizzie Walker, Linda and Marlo's cousin.

"That's the easy way out; that's the easy way out for him and he know it and I would love to see him right now and ask him, ‘Bryant, why, why, why’?" adds Sarah Walker.

It's a question Dominic Moss will probably never have answered. "I hope he don't get the death penalty; I hope he just suffer, just sit and suffer."

Moss told News 12 that he and Marlo never cared for Bryant Williams because they both felt he was abusive.

While News 12 was in court with Williams, he was very emotional throughout the entire hearing, breaking down in tears and crying loudly.

For the second half of the hearing, his head hung permanently low and he wouldn't even look at the judge while answering him through his tears.

Magistrate Judge Swan did not rule on bond for Williams; that will be set by a Superior Court judge at an upcoming hearing.

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