Helen Blocker-Adams' Final Push for Mayor

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November 8, 2005
She’s made her living as a business consultant and now she wants to be your mayor. News 12 has more on Helen Blocker-Adams.

Her platform is small business and big change. Helen Blocker-Adams would be a new face for downtown Augusta, but that’s exactly what she says sets her apart.

At 7a.m. her day starts. She votes and then it’s off to campaign.

“I’m feeling very good, very excited, very pumped up and very encouraged,” Blocker-Adams said.

She’s the only female running for mayor and with 58 percent of voters women, she’s using it as a leg-up.

“We are getting a lot of honks, a lot of people yelling and screaming, so it’s fun,” said Rosetta Vincent, campaign volunteer.

With her business background, the 46-year-old promises to boost Augusta’s economy by creating new jobs and fattening our tax base, even as a newcomer to the political scene.

Mother Rebecca agrees her fresh face and attitude will satisfy a voter’s appetite.

“I would always say that she was a leader,” said Rebecca Blocker.

“We’ve gotta let people know that Helen’s the one,” said Pamela Blocker, Helen’s sister.

In a final push Tuesday, meals are prepared for her volunteers and signs are posted near polling places. A happy ending, she says, to a hard fought but fair campaign.

“We said we were gonna run a clean race, we were gonna stay focused on the issue, we were gonna be very professional and we’ve done that,” Blocker-Adams said.