If Deke Copenhaver Wins...

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November 8, 2005
Candidate Deke Copenhaver wants to start giving the mayor more power if he wins tomorrow. The candidate with the most difficult name to say is doing all he can to get people to remember it.

“We’ve worked hard every single day of this campaign and we’ll continue to do the same thing through the end of today,” Copenhaver said.

Deke Copenhaver spent Tuesday hitting polling places across Augusta. And he already has a plan for Wednesday if he wins.

“I’m sure I’ll have some meeting set up tomorrow to go over really how we’re going to implement my plan of change,” Copenhaver said.

The first thing Deke will change if he becomes mayor: his power.

“We need to start by working together to change the structure of the government. The mayor needs a veto. We need to end abstentions and the administrator needs hiring and firing power,” Copenhaver said.

And, if Deke wins the top spot, maybe a few more people will be able to say ‘Copenhaver.’

“It took me until I was in third grade to learn how to say my name anyway,” Copenhaver said.

Tuesday, Deke will wait for results at the Old Richmond Hotel on Greene Street. He’s of course hoping that will turn into a victory party. News 12 will be with Deke for whatever happens.