Bricks Thrown at Cars on Halloween

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November 7, 2005
Teenagers are notorious for pulling pranks, especially on Halloween. And police say that’s exactly what happened last Monday night, expect this time it could’ve killed someone.

Several cars were damaged last Monday when teenagers threw bricks at the cars going down Wheeler Road near Big Oak Park. That’s less than a block away from the Surrey Center. Crime Team 12 is on your side with the story.

Police say there were four reported incidents on Halloween, all occurring between 7:30-8p.m. None of the victims were injured but police say it couldn’t been much worse.

Phillip was on his way to a Halloween party on Monday night, driving down a familiar road.

“I had my radio on, I was jamming,” said Phillip Killough, victim.

When all of a sudden…

“Bam, bam, bam,” Killough said.

He thought he did the unthinkable.

“I thought I hit something or someone, I wasn’t sure what happened then I’d seen the damage and I thought if I hit something it would’ve hit my mirror, too,” Killough said.

That’s when he learned he didn’t do anything wrong, instead he was the victim of a violent act and he wasn’t alone.

“We had four reports on Halloween night when vehicles traveling were stuck by bricks,” said Calvin Chew.

“It hit right there, half went in the car and the other half hit back window which I’m lucky I didn’t break and another brick glazed right there,” Killough said.

Grateful that was all that had happened.

“Usually I have my dog with me and she’ll ride right here, it could’ve hit her,” Killough said.

“Even though it’s a prank, it could’ve caused serious injury or death,” Chew said.

All of the incidents occurring within minutes of eachother as the victims were driving east down Wheeler Road.

“This is the first time in that area for this type of incidence,” Chew said.

While an incident like this may have some steering clear from the area, Phillip says it won’t change his daily routine.

“You take your chances. Guess it could happen anywhere, it’s just kids being kids. Can’t do much about it,” Killough said.

Phillip says the cost of the damages were close to $2,000, but after the deductible he only had to pay $250.

Police are asking that anyone who saw or heard anything that night to call the sheriff’s department.