Speaking out about Plant Vogtle

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News 12 at 11, April 28, 2007

Augusta, Ga. --- The project's not official yet, but Plant Vogtle wants to expand to be able to bring more nuclear energy to more households.

Tonight, was just one of many nights you will be able to say whatever you want about expanding Plant Vogtle.

Plant Vogtle in Waynesboro. It's a major construction project in the making. Southern Nuclear filed an application a few years ago for an early site permit. They want to build two new reactors at Plant Vogtle.

"It's a fairly substantial project. You're looking at two units that are similar in size to the units that are already at Plant Vogtle," Roger Hannah said.

Now, people are expressing their concerns and opinions about the plan. How much water would it use? And what about the environment?

Just building the two new reactors would bring more than a thousand jobs. And Georgia Power said it would be a clean, safe, and reliable way of producing electricity.

Georgia Power said Georgia is growing, and so is the demand for energy.

"We have a real need for additional energy, electrical supply, especially in the 2016 time frame going forward. So we are looking at the new additional units at Plant Vogtle to be able to supply that need," Carol Boatright said.

Others are excited about the economic impact, and how it would not only benefit Waynesboro, but Burke County, the region, and the whole state of Georgia.

Monday night was just one of many public meetings. There will be several other opportunities for you to come out and speak up.

Hannah said if everything goes smoothly and if the plant gets a license, it will be about a three year process. Construction could start in 2011 or 2012.

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