City administrator drafting multi-million dollar purchase plan

Gilbert Manor
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News 12 at 6 o'clock, April 28, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Mr. Eugene Clark spent the day out on his porch. He is finding it hard these days to pass the time. "I just get out and walk around...try to keep myself together," said Mr. Clark.

Boarded up windows have become an all too familiar sight in Gilbert Manor. It is a place that Mr. Clark has called home for more than 15 years.

"Ain't no one around here I knew, and it's just lonely to be around here," said Mr. Clark.

The complex is a ghost town as families are moving out so the neighboring landlocked Medical College Georgia can move in.

"It just look like somewhere no one live at," said Mr. Clark.

The 90 day deadline has come and gone and 51 families remain in Gilbert Manor.

"It's just a waiting game until we have the units to put the families in to relocate the families," said Jake Oglesby who is the executive director of the housing authority.

"I'm scared...very scared," said Wilhelminia Corley. She, like Mr. Clark, is having difficulty adjusting to what she calls drastic changes.

"It used to be where you look see kids, no cars, no people," said Corley.

The housing development is no longer a home, says Wilhelminia. She's living out of boxes for now. She says when moving day comes she'll be ready.

"I been ready, but they tell me patiently wait, and I been waiting, waiting, waiting...and waiting ain't got here yet," said Corley.

City administrator Fred Russell is expected to present a financing plan at the Commission meeting next week. When it's all said and done this would cost the city $10 million. The commission will have to sign off on the deal. The housing authority hopes to close on the property as early as August.

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