Hill Execution Approved

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April 28, 2008
Columbia, SC--

The South Carolina Supreme Court has paved the way for the execution of convicted killer David Hill of Aiken County.

In a unanimous decision Monday, the court affirmed the trial judge's findings that Hill is competent to waive his appeals and his decision is
knowing and voluntary.

Hill killed three workers at the North Augusta Department of Social Services office in 1996. He was found in some nearby woods the next morning with a gunshot wound in his face. Hill was later found guilty and sentenced to death.

At a hearing before the Supreme Court on April 1, 2008, Hill confirmed that it is still his desire to waive his appeals and be executed. The Court noted, "We found Hill to be articulate, intelligent, and very well aware of his present circumstances, as well as the events which give rise to his incarceration. Both his long and short-term memory are ample, and do not appear to have been affected by his self-inflicted gunshot wound on the day of the crimes."

The Department of Corrections can set an execution date on the fourth Friday after this order is issued.

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