Aiken teacher stabbed to death

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News 12 at 11, April 26, 2007

AIKEN, S.C. --- The Aiken County Coroner said 47-year-old Ann Fox Smith was murdered. Autopsy results show she was stabbed several times. Smith was a special education teacher at Kennedy Middle School.

Aiken County Coroner Tim Carlton said Ann Smith died sometime early Friday morning but her body wasn't discovered until hours later. Lt. David Turno said they are now calling this a homicide investigation.

Anthony Patterson worked with Ann Smith for four years at Kennedy Middle School. He said he still can't believe she's dead.

"I didn't know what to think. It was all just in a state of shock. I was speechless," Anthony Patterson said.

The Aiken Department of Public Safety got the call around 1:00 Friday afternoon from a co-worker who was checking on Smith at her house, after she did not show up for work. They found Smith unresponsive inside her home on Whitney Drive in Aiken. When investigators arrived, it was too late.

"For the first part I thought suicide, but then I thought about it and there's no way she would take her own life. But then I thought natural causes. You know, it could be natural causes. I don't know," Patterson said.

But then he found out her death was ruled suspicious.

"I'm hurt and I'm angry. And I'm upset, and I hope whoever did this will be brought to justice," Patterson said.

Now, investigators are calling it murder after an autopsy confirmed Ann Smith was stabbed a number of times.

"I'm very shocked. I still can't believe this has happened," Patterson said.

Smith was married but estranged from her husband. She had three kids and taught at Kennedy Middle School for a number of years. Lt. Turno said there are no suspects at this time.

"We have spoke to the husband and a number of the children last night. Of course, dealing with this tragedy themselves. And we'll continue to investigate, from family, to friends, to co-workers. Anyone that might lead us a suspect in this case," Lt. Turno said.

Anthony said Smith was a very caring friend, teacher, and mother.

"Solid teacher. She had a great sense of humor. Very helpful to anyone that needed her," Patterson said.

Now Smith's family and friends need you to help find her killer and bring them to justice

If you have any information on this murder, call the Aiken Department of Public Safety at 803-642-7620. You can remain anonymous and are eligible for a cash reward.

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