Warrenville Senior Apartments House Senior Evacuees

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September 8, 2005
Twenty elderly evacuees from the Gulf Coast are headed to Warrenville for a new home in a senior apartment complex. News 12 is on your side with how the complex is welcoming their new neighbors.

Brand new space at Village Senior Apartments is ready to house 20 Gulf Coast evacuees.

“We have plenty of closet space,” said Pat Breeding.

Pat Breeding is the manager here.

“We think they just deserve it and we’re just ready and willing to welcome them here in our home,” Breeding said.

FEMA will pay half of the evacuees’ rent. The complex’s owner, Simpson Housing, will pay the other half of the rent and all utilities. The evacuees are expected to live here for six months to a year.

But of course the apartments come empty, and that’s where you can help. They need furniture like couches and TV’s. And in the kitchen, breakfast drinks and frozen foods are needed to fill the fridge.

People living here are welcoming their new neighbors already. They’re bringing things like towels and appliances to stock the apartments. It’s a group that was evacuated themselves during Norfolk Southern’s January chemical spill.

“We’re all seniors,” said Barbara Couch.

Barbara Couch is helping out. She and others here will also give perhaps the most needed item, friendship.

“We have a good time here and I’m hoping they will join in and enjoy the activities that we have in the facility,” Couch said.

“They’re gonna feel right at home although it’s not their home and we understand what they’ve been through, but we’re gonna give them the next best thing,” Breeding said.

People in their golden years living out the golden rule.

The evacuees will fly into Columbia on Friday, but have to be processed and Village Apartments doesn’t know the exact day they’ll arrive there.

Below is a complete list of items the Village Senior Apartments need:
Furtiture- Couches, Beds, Matresses, Tables, Lamps, TV's
Dish Detergent
Washing Detergent
Hand Soap
Saran Wrap
Shaving Cream
Pots and Pans
Breakfast Supplies
Boxed Cereals
Breakfast Drinks
Frozen Food
Towles and Wash Clothes
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels

You can drop items off at 115 Timmerman St. Warrenville, SC.
For more information call Pat Breeding at 663-9930 or Dale Couch at 663-3861.