Heater Problems

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October 28, 2005
As the temperature dip into the 30’s this week, many are turning on their heaters for the first time in months. News 12 is on your side to explain why procrastination could end up costing you more in the future.

Fallen leaves are one of the first signs of the cooler weather to come, and for Bobby Gattman, that means the busy season has arrived.

“Every year the first time it gets cold, we get a lot of heat calls,” said Bobby Gattman, Plunkett Heating and Air.

All of them almost identical to the next.

“A lot of switches, controls used for heating system aren’t used for ½ a year when you go to crank them up, there’s a lot that stick or just have gone bad over the summer,” Gattman said.

Many of the problems are caused by not having their heaters checked before kicking them on this week. Unfortunately, Helga was one of them.

“He said it was some kind of switch,” said Helga Temples, Augusta homeowner.

Some of the most common problems servicemen see on calls are right around the unit where the valves and pipes are located so always make sure the area is tidy and free of debris.

“It keeps the unit open so it can breathe and function properly,” Gattman said.

And some of the age-old tips like this…

“If you don’t change the filter and it gets very dirty it restricts air flow,” Gattman said.

…Will always be the best, while others like investing in a space heater to keep costs down, may need to be reconsidered.

“When gas goes up, electric goes up right along with it so it’s hard to say if it’d save you any money,” Gattman said.

So maybe next year you won’t end up paying the price like Helga did.