Students Raise Money for Katrina Victims

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September 7, 2005
Students in the area are doing their part to help Hurricane Katrina victims in creative ways. News 12 shows you how Columbia Middle School students have raised so much money in just two days and how much they hope to have by the end of the week.

The students raised $2,000 in less than two days and student Nicole Burnette says the victims of Katrina need aid as soon as possible.

“They’ve lost their homes, family, pets, friends…they need some help,” Burnette said.

“You’re out here because you all have big hearts and I appreciate your participation,” said Dr. Anderson.

That’s the message she had for the students as they gathered outside to take a picture. Their message, “We love you Katrina victims.”

“I think it’s awesome cause we help people out,” said Jessica Bobo, student.

Five dollars gives students the privilege to wear hats all week.

LBC Middle School in Aiken County has also raised around $2,000. Eighth grade student council sponsor Tammy Smith says they collect the money each day.

“It takes about two hours to count all the money,” Smith said.

Today she is working with a student volunteer. They will collect it each morning, and give all the donations to the Red Cross on Monday.

Student Maryum Styles says Columbia County Middle will also collect donations all week.

“The Katrina victims need food and shelter and places to go,” Styles said.

The proceeds from both schools will go directly to the Red Cross. Between the two of them, they hope to raise close to $6,000.