Fair Providing Funding

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October 21, 2005
The Western Carolina State Fair is more than just games. It’s also providing donations for Aiken County civic groups. News 12 is on your side with how the fair is helping out volunteer organizations.

Everyone enjoys the fun of the fair, but it takes hundreds of people to get this dragon-sized event off the ground. The Aiken Jaycees do most of the tasks, but still rely on dozens of volunteers from civic groups like garden clubs and scouts. In return, the groups get a donation.

“We usually have some kind of negotiated price with them and it helps their organization,” said Doug Woof, Aiken Jaycees.

A few dozen Aiken County Reserve Sheriff’s officers and posse members keep the fair safe. This is one of their largest fundraisers.

“We use that to buy uniforms, buy equipment for the receive organization,” said Lt. Larry Schrade, Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit.

Trash and other work is left behind after the fair and when it’s closed like it is right now, that’s when a special group of workers comes in.

The Tri-Development Center, who trains the mentally challenged for work, uses their donation to pay some of their trainees.

“What this allows them to do is an opportunity to work until they get a permanent position, so they get money and also it allows us to be able to asses them,” said Je-Nay Reid, Tri-Development job coach.

Del Knight is setting up for Friday night’s beauty pageant.

“What do you do with that paycheck?” News 12 asked.
“I take it to the bank and get it cashed,” Knight said.
“Does that make you feel pretty good?” News 12 asked.
“It feels great!” Knight said.

It’s smiles all around as fair money helps out so many in Aiken County.

Click here to visit the Western Carolina State Fair’s website.