Teammates Respond to Charges Against Rice

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October 20, 2005
As Reggie Rice and Shadrick Harris remain behind bars Thursday night, their friends and teammates are still shocked at the allegations. News 12 spoke with one of Rice’s close friends.

“If you follow any high school sports whatsoever, you know the name Reggie Rice cause he’s big in football, he’s an all-star in basketball, he’s really good at track. I mean it takes a big hit on the team and the season,” said Brooks Poston, football player.

The senior Greenbrier High School student has nothing but good things to say about former teammate Reggie Rice, now charged with rape of an underage girl. Poston played football with Rice and Harris for close to four years and he’s just as surprised as anyone to hear the two will not finish the remainder of the season.

Football coach Micky Derrick could not comment on whether the two will participate in the play-offs should the team make it that far.

“Everyone I’ve talked to supports Reggie one hundred percent because they all agree with me. He’s just a great guy and he’s got a good head on his shoulders and he’s just very smart. I mean, he’s an outstanding guy,” Poston said.