Aiken's Ready To Help Homeless Horses

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September 6, 2005
Hundreds of hurricane shelters are set up across Aiken for homeless horses. News 12 is on your side with how dozens of stables are opening up their doors.

Hundreds of empty stalls in Aiken are ready to help horses without a home from Hurricane Katrina. It’s just one of the ways Aiken’s horse community is helping out.

Aiken’s horses are as much of a part of the city as the street signs. So it’s only natural when the country faces a disaster like Hurricane Katrina, Aiken helps the horses.

“We’re here if they need us,” said Bruce Duchossois.

Bruce Duchossois with H n’ D Stables is organizing the United States Equestrian Federation’s effort to find space for homeless horses. And in Aiken, farms have already volunteered stables, paddocks and pastures.

“The contacts we have had with people over there is it’s a little premature, unfortunately the animals are not top priority,” Duchossois said.

Most of the show horses on the Gulf Coast evacuated. It’s the farm animals Aiken might see.

“The biggest concern is people in more rural areas who might have a horse or two in the backyard who had all they could do to get themselves and their families out,” Duchossois said.

Across town the Green Club is filling, what else, a horse trailer with pet food for cats and dogs and oats for evacuated equines. It’s the first way to help until cars can get to left behind horses. In the meantime, Duchossois says Aiken will stay ready and he thinks the Gulf Coast horses should make it through.

“Hopefully they’re fine. They have a way of fending for themselves a little better than we do,” Duchossois said.

The stables will also accept other livestock.

Click here for more information on housing the homeless horses. Also, if you’d like to offer space for the horses, call H n’ D Stables at 803-644-0579.