TIF Meeting in Aiken County

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October 18, 2005
Hundreds show up, waiting for word on funding for a new development in Aiken County. So many showed up that dozens were forced to listen and watch from nearby conference rooms or even stand outside. News 12 is on your side with the latest on Aiken County’s TIF.

They’ve heard from dozens of people on both sides of the TIF debate. It’s been a long night, going on four-plus hours of discussion.

Thomas Ramsey knew what to expect, big crowds and a heated debate about financing two new housing developments. So he came prepared with a comfortable seat.

Ramsey joined dozens of others forced to watch the Aiken County Council meeting from the outside looking in.

Nathan Hamilton is one of the lucky ones. He got in line early enough to get a ticket, not in the main room, but a side room with a closed circuit TV signal.

Hamilton is part of the majority, most attending were opposed to the TIF plan. One, even saying if we were in real estate heaven, this would be a gift from God. The plan would create bonds to pay for infrastructure like sewer and water lines for two developments near Graniteville. Others were just as vocal in their support.

A member of Fort Worth, Texas, County Council touted the benefits to her city. But she, too, was met with a not-so-warm welcome.

The Aiken County Council tabled any final decision for at least 30 days, granting a request from the school board.