River Glen Shootout: One Mother's Story

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News 12 First at Five, April 23, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga -- "Everyday it's a fight, everyday it's a shootout, everyday, everyday, everyday..." Says Alexis Lutton, a mother of two who says she hid her family under a bed last night after two shootouts at the River Glen apartments in a matter of hours.

Three people are in jail, another man in the hospital, but he's not just a shooting victim, he's a suspect too.

When all of this is said and done, investigators say there could be as many as 10 more people arrested.

As many as 50 rounds fired in a crowded River Glen Apartment complex last night, according to Richmond County Sheriff's Office Investigator Sgt. Calvin Chew.

News 12 spoke with one mother who says enough is enough.

"My four year old told me today, Mom, I want to move, I'm scared of getting shot." says Lutton.

Understandable after what happened to the child's father, Marquez Williams last year, and now near the family's home last night.

"I was staying in East Augusta Commons last year when my fiancé got killed September 29 over here over a 10 dollar x pill and they're shooting each other over here because somebody slapped somebody's baby momma."

Investigators say two groups were fighting over a woman in two separate shootout; one at five that afternoon, the second a retaliation shooting at nine that night.

Alexis and her children heard it all. "We running, everybody in my building, putting kids up in the back room and we hiding under beds. We shouldn't have to live like that, I work all day."

Investigators are spending all day Wednesday searching for more suspects. Suspects who had at least two high powered guns and maybe more. "With so many weapons being used, there's no telling what could've happened." says Sgt. Chew. "It's a very dangerous situation."

The complex is filled with families, many, like Alexis, who have young children. "I have two kids to raise, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old and I'm not trying to raise them like this and this is only thing I can afford right now. Just because this is low income, we shouldn't have to take this."

Alexis says she is going to try to move again hoping this time it will be different, because the alternative is not an option. "They're setting a bad example for the kids, now the little kids running around here they want they pants hanging, they want to be big and bad -that's not big and bad. Big and bad is going to school, getting your education and not living like this-that's what being bad is."

And believe it or not, investigators say it could have been worse because two men ran into a woman's apartment as she was taking out the trash. Deputies say she could've been held hostage, but instead after a brief standoff, the two were arrested.

News 12 spoke with the complex manager who did not want to talk on camera. She says she has four officers patrolling the complex on and off, but Lutton says she thinks a permanent police substation would be a better option.

Tashan Jacobs was shot in the back and taken to MCG hospital. Officers say he'll be charged with assault when he gets out.

Also arrested, Anton Scriven, Marlon Brown and Moses Mathis Junior. All three are facing gun and assault charges, deputies add Brown is a convicted felon already.

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