Mother of Suspected Weekend Gunman Speaks Out

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October 18, 2005
One big question – did the two young men have any problems before? Only on 12, the suspect’s mother speaks out. News 12 has new information about what lead to their deadly confrontation.

Tina Hanna, the mother of suspect Terrence “TJ” Hanna, claims the two had been in an altercation before at a party held at the same hotel only a month ago.

“This is a picture of them on a youth trip with the church when they went to Myrtle Beach,” Tina Hanna said.

Tina Hanna, remembering better days for her son Terrence, or TJ. This is the son she knows, a far cry from this mugshot of an accused killer.

“After the questioning they informed me he was being charged with the crime and it was a shock to him because he thought he was coming back,” Tina said.

He’s charged with murdering 18-year-old Rodnick Patterson at a hotel party over the weekend. Now police believe this wasn’t the first time the two boys had met.

“Prior to this event there was a confrontation between Hanna and the victim and there was bad blood if you will between the two of them,” said Captain Francisco.

Despite that fight a few weeks ago, Tina Hanna says she believes her son is innocent. So much so that she’s the one who drove Terrence to the police station so her son could turn himself in.

“I’m asking investigators to work overtime to find the person responsible and not put him in the category of every other gang members because he’s not,” Tina said.

She believes a fight between high school rivals is what cost Rodnick Patterson his life and has left her son behind bars.

“I believe that’s what it was my older son is at Hephzibah and these guys are at Westside and later my other two sons at Westside it turned into them picking at them,” Tina said.