Local Update: April 23, 2008

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School Tribunal:

Fifteen people are now facing charges, after a major fight in the halls of A.R.C. Eight of those students arrested are expected at a school tribunal later today. The fight created a riot of sorts, with 700 people crowding the hallway. The school's surveillance camera caught many students throwing gang signs. Stay tuned for more coverage.

Keeping Teens Out Of Trouble:

A local judge is trying to take a stand to prevent teens from getting into serious trouble. It's all in an effort to help teens and their parents better understand one another. Judge Wade Padgett's 'Teenage Years 101' seminar begins at six o'clock tonight at the Wesley United Methodist Church. This one's just for parents though. If you're interested, e-mail Deanna Bradford at dbradford@columbiacountyga.gov. You can also visit teenageyears101.com.

New Gas Con:

Criminals are finding new ways to get around at your expense. They're watching you at the gas station, hoping you'll leave the gas pump going while you walk inside the convenient store. That's when they'll make their move, putting the pump into their own car, leaving you to foot the bill, unknowingly. By the time you get back, the nozzle's back where you left it. Investigators say a lot of people don't even notice this. Their advice? Wait with your car, and finish pumping before heading inside for a bathroom break or snack.

New District Attorney:

The Garden City has a new D.A. this morning. Georgia Governor, Sonny Perdue, appointed Rebecca Ashley Wright as the D.A. for the Augusta Judicial Circuit. That includes Burke, Columbia, and Richmond Counties. Wright is the Assistant District Attorney, and a professor at Georgia Military College. Wright will replace Danny Craig, who's now the Superior Court Judge of Augusta.

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