Arrest in Weekend Party Shooting

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October 17, 2005
Two days after a fatal shooting at a party for teenagers, officers make an arrest. Monday afternoon, deputies arrested and charged 18-year-old Terrence Hanna with murder. News 12 has the latest on the investigation.

Investigators worked through the weekend to interview dozens of partygoers, some who fled before police arrived.

Police say 18-year-old Terrence “TJ” Hanna brought a gun to a party for teens Saturday night. An hour after it started, police say Hanna shot and killed Rodnick Patterson.

“He heard some guys screaming, they thought he’d actually been beat up then they actually saw a gun shot,” said Gary Powell, Richmond Co. Sheriff’s Office.

“Something always happens, someone pushes someone else they don’t know and they’re ready to fight,” said Demetri McNair, victim’s friend.

“They know that any time you get one of these parties for teens that is a pay at door, there’s a history of trouble with this type of party,” Powell said.

Col. Gary Powell oversees special deputy assignments for Richmond County deputies. He says two officers, and one from Hephzibah, wore uniforms and had badges and guns at the party Saturday night.

“They asked for six, but we had four, one was injured the day before and she had to back out, so there were three there that night,” Powell said. “They set up a line outside and started searching, they noticed that one of the back doors was open and people were coming in and out. There was no control over that.”

Powell says Sharika Moore is the organizer of Saturday’s party. A friend who answered her phone complained that a flyer advertising the event has been misinterpreted. She says the subtitle “Unfinished Business” was in response to kids wanted another party. And what about the phrase “This time we ain’t shutting down nothing early?” The friend says that meant organizers wouldn’t tolerate any fighting.

The organizer’s friend, who did not give her name, says at the first teen party a couple months ago, a fight broke our and the party was shut down.

So what about future parties for teenagers? Another co-organizer of Saturday’s party, Tina Hampton, says there are none scheduled. And Col. Powell says they are considering whether these should happen in the future at all.