Suspects wanted for stealing lotto tickets

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, April 17, 2008

AUGUSTA, Ga.---People who play the lotto are taking their chances and hoping it's their lucky day. Investigators say some suspects weren't playing the lotto, instead they stole it.

Scottie McCoy owns Esquire Beauty Supply, and sells lotto tickets to bring people in. He says two men broke into his store and took about $300 worth.

"I think he just saw them over there and nobody was here and they just popped them off, spur of the moment," McCoy said.

Investigators say the suspects tried to cash in the tickets at the Sprint food store on Crosscreek Road in Hephzibah, as well as the McTeer Shell on Windsor Spring Road.

The reason they couldn't collect any winnings? McCoy knew to call the Georgia Lottery Commission to cancel the tickets and he did it just in time. Investigators say these suspects tried to cash them just six minutes after they were canceled.

"I'm very glad I did it because it might be what brings em in," he said.

The stolen tickets could've been worth up to $400,000, but instead the suspects walked away empty-handed, and with their faces caught on tape.

"That's not smart at all, not smart, it's not worth it," said Candice Harrell, a cashier at the McTeer Shell.

The suspects could face up to ten felony charges, one for each ticket they tried to cash.

McCoy says if they were capable of this, things might get worse next time.

"They could hurt somebody out there and I'd really like for them to get picked up before anyone gets shot, gets hurt," he said.

Investigators are looking for at least four suspects. They say they drove away from one store in a tan SUV, possibly a Ford Explorer. Some were also seen in a tan or brown four-door car.

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