Car Theives Targeting Aiken's Southside

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October 13, 2005
Aiken neighbors are being targeted by car thieves. One was hit last week and two more Wednesday night. So what can you do to keep them from getting inside your vehicle? News 12 is on your side with what thieves are doing and how you can stop them.

14 cars in Aiken’s southside were broken into Wednesday night, but thieves didn’t break any windows. They got in through unlocked doors, then sat down like anyone else, searched for change and combed through the glove compartment. But this isn’t the first time this happened in Aiken’s southside, it happened just last week.

“They opened my glove compartment and they didn’t find any money or anything and then they probably just stopped and probably went to another neighbor,” said Doug Scott.

A thief or group of thieves searched Doug Scott’s car last week. Lucky for him it was empty. But because it was unlocked, they riffled through it. The thieves went into 12 cars in Doug’s River Bluff subdivision taking CD’s, cell phones and cash.

“It’s a very difficult crime to catch someone in the act. People get in cars all the time and it’s not suspicious,” said David Turno.

That might be why thieves hit again Wednesday night. They stole stuff from 11 unlocked cars at the Colony Apartments off Whiskey Road and three in the Beaver Creek subdivision off Silver Bluff Road.

“When there’s a rash like this it’s an effort by someone. This is the way they’re making their money,” Turno said.

Sgt. David Turno with Aiken Public Safety thinks these break-ins may be by the same people.

“It won’t stop probably until we catch the person, so our citizens need to be aware,” Turno said.

Your awareness could put Doug’s mind at ease.

“You do live in a safe neighborhood and you want to keep always safe,” Doug Scott said.

Police say the best advice to prevent this: use common sense. Take your purse out of your car when you leave and of course lock your door.