Police Investigating Richmond Co. Shooting

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October 10, 2005
It was a rude awakening for some people in one East Augusta neighborhood. Just after 1:30 Monday morning a man was shot to death off Dunns Lane. News 12 is on your side with what police are doing about drug activity in the area.

“He had been shot, multiple times,” said Major Autry, Richmond Co. Sheriff’s Department.

24-year-old Dontavious Wyman may have been shot up to 15 times. But with no eyewitnesses, what neighbors heard may be the link to finding a killer.

“Investigators are following up on some leads, whether it’ll go anywhere or not, we’ll just have to see,” Autry said.

It was a woman walking on Dunns Lane that investigators say spotted the body of Dontavious Wyman in a nearby field. She called someone for help, who then called the police.

It’s now a process of taking pictures and picking up evidence and pieces of a crime, one some neighbors never expected.

“I have been in and around this area for a long time. And, I’ve never seen anything like that happen, not that serious anyway,” said Robert Jackson.

While Robert Jackson is shocked, police know there’s been heavy drug activity here. They suspect it’s behind the murder.

“Well, the narcs have already been working in that area, and I said, parts of it is a known drug area. They’re already concentrating their efforts in that area,” Autry said.

Efforts that could make the community safer and put some neighbors at ease.

“Concerned about how safe it is now,” Jackson said.

An autopsy was performed Monday morning. As investigators expected, it showed Dontavious Wyman died as a result of gunshot wounds. But they are still trying to determine how exactly and how many times he was shot.