Getting Kids Excited about Science

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October 8, 2005
Say ‘science and math’ and some kids run scared. But News 12 is on your side with some ways educators are getting kids jazzed about those very subjects.

It’s no secret that one of the coolest demonstrations at the Science Education Enrichment Day involves ice cream.

“I liked it when I when we got to make milkshakes, they were good,” one student said.

They’re actually edible earth parfaits, showing how pollution, or cocoa, penetrates into groundwater, played by vanilla ice cream.

“So one moment you’ve got a clean aquifer and the next moment it’s contaminated. So many people depend on ground water for drinking water so we want to clean that as quickly as we can and get it to useful condition,” said Skip Mason, Savannah River Site.

Nearby, kids are learning about morphing glass, while others morph into each other using the tools of our own craft. Another station showcases aerodynamics, but sometimes running with the paper airplane is just as much fun.

Kacee Poppy spends the day showcasing local wildlife, snakes, turtles and baby alligators.

“A lot of times they ask if they’re lizards, and then we get a laugh out of that because they have all these legs. They are alligators but they’re amazed they’re really really small,” Poppy said.

It’s all part of a larger goal of getting kids psyched about science and math.

“So they’re maybe not as excited to do the work, but once they get into it, they realize this is fun and it actually can be easy,” Poppy said.

A couple thousand kids attended this year’s event at USC Aiken.