Speeders Beware: Columbia County is Cracking Down

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September 28, 2005
It's time to take the pedal off the metal. Police want speeders to slow down, especially in construction zones. Deputy Steven Leathers is after speeders, and he means business.

"You're dealing with speeds of sixty to seventy miles an hour. Big car versus little guy, the car usually wins," Leathers said.

He uses a radar in construction zones every day. Things are especially dangerous when the roads are wet. And Deputy Leathers got one almost right away. Right after writing a speeding ticket, two calls come in to respond to crashes.

"We'll have a few in the construction zone that usually end up rear-enders, and especially on a day like this one, one will back up and cause another and another wreck." Leathers said.

He keeps an eye on all construction zones across Columbia County, like this one here on Fury's Ferry. He pulls over about thirty people each day, and speeding fines are doubled.

Fury's Ferry is the site of a terrible accident back in May. A construction worker was hit by a vehicle, and almost didn't make it. He escaped with his life, but lost his legs.

"At any time, they think they they can walk out into traffic with the understanding that vehicles are driving slower." Deputy Leathers said.

The construction zone on I-20 is sixty, but Deputy Leathers says the average speed is between seventy and eighty miles an hour.

And if you're going that fast, Deputy Leathers has a ticket for you. Columbia County officers wrote almost 580 tickets in the month of July, and around 75 of them were in construction zones. Aiken County issued 42, and Richmond County wrote around 100 in construction zones.