Richmond Co. Deputy Killed in Iraq

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August 2, 2005
More tragedy as a family learns their loved one won’t be coming home from Iraq. Sgt. David Jones of Augusta was killed Saturday in a bombing. His co-workers at the Richmond County jail were looking forward to a dedicated worker and friend making it back home.

“I’d see David and he’s always smiling, always friendly, he had a loud kinda gruff voice,” said Captain Gene Johnson, Jail Administrator.

It was a voice Sgt. David Jones’ co-workers at the Richmond County Jail heard not too long ago. The deputy jailer serving in Iraq called home to say he was doing okay.

“They told me on his shift that he had called about 3-4 weeks ago,” Johnson said.

Sgt. Jones left back in January to serve with Georgia’s 48th Combat Brigade. He left his wife and three children at home, but he also left a circle of friends and co-workers like family. He’d worked at the Richmond County Jail just over seven years.

Deputy Elizabeth Brown remembers “Jonesy” as the class clown.

“Whenever you’d go back and forth through the doors, he’d always have something funny to say, a joke, a smile, it felt good to work with him,” Brown said.

Blondie was Sgt. Jones’ nickname for Deputy Brown. They started on the same shift and she was looking forward to another homecoming.

“We knew he was coming back because this was his second time because he had went before and came back and we just knew he was coming home,” Brown said.

But the call came Sunday night that he wasn’t.

“It was a tragedy, he was defending his country and when he was here in the states he was defending his community,” Johnson said.

Eight people from Georgia’s 48th Combat Brigade have died in bombings in Iraq in just over a week.

At the Law Enforcement Center, there’s a board in one of the hallways with a big yellow ribbon and pictures. You see 21 photographs of workers and family members deployed overseas. The board symbolizes support for those who aren’t home yet, who’ve been injured, and those whose lives were taken fighting for our country.