Jewelry Vendors Robbed

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September 28, 2005
Investigators are still piecing together what happened around 10 o’clock Wednesday morning. Two jewelry vendors in town from California in this SUV were making their rounds to stores in Augusta. But when they stopped at Windsor Jewelers they had three men waiting for them on the back steps of the store.

“They came up the steps and approached the vendor’s vehicle and they attacked the vehicle and removed what they wanted and fled back to the car,” said Blaise Dresser, investigator.

Police say three men dressed in hoods and bandanas, believed to be Hispanic, busted the driver’s side window to distract the driver while the other men busted the back passenger window, pulling out two duffle bags full of jewelry, mostly rings, estimated to be worth $1 million.

Richmond County Investigator Blaise Dresser says, while unfortunate, it’s another case of a crime that’s becoming all too common.

“A lot of the jewelry vendors that got robbed, the suspects are believed to be part of a large criminal organization and they’re hitting jewelry vendors up and down the east coast and across the United States. It’s not just isolated in Augusta,” Dresser said.