Daycares Busy While Schools Are Out

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September 26, 2005
Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue’s request for public schools to take two days off this week is causing parents to scramble and day care centers to make some changes. It’s all an effort to conserve fuel across the state. News 12 is on your side to tell you if local daycares have enough room for your child.

So far, so good.

“Still have space, I’ll probably get calls until this afternoon,” said Juanita Young, owner of Child’s World Daycare.

That’s what Juanita Young at A Child’s World Daycare is telling parents on Monday. Daycares across the Peach State have had their phones ringing off the hook since the governor asked schools in the state to close. Parents are all waiting to hear those magic words.

“If you need care you can bring them down,” Young said. “A few parents were disgruntled, they feel they were told at the last minute and they really don’t know what they were gonna do.”

“We had people calling to ask if we were gonna be open, they were more concerned about us after they knew school was gonna be closed because they have to work,” said Freddie Todd, owner of ABC Day Care.

Freddie Todd, the owner of ABC Day Care says he’s already had to turn parents away.

“We’re just having to say no, we even had a couple from Fort Gordon this morning actually drove here to ask us to keep the children but we couldn’t do it,” Todd said.

While some daycare centers are having to turn parents away, others like the Cotton Learning Center say they’ll not only find space, but they’ll do it for free.

“Right now not a problem because we hadn’t had a whole lot where we’re overwhelmed but we have preparations in case,” said Donna Cotton, owner of Cotton’s Learning Center.

A generous offer for any parents in a tight squeeze.