Medicare Enhancement

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September 22, 2005
Right now Medicare covers visits to the doctor and the hospital, but it doesn’t cover the cost of prescription drugs. But an enhancement to the Medicare plan goes into effect in January and will change that. News 12 is on your side to explain the benefits.

Many of you might remember two years ago when President Bush signed into law a prescription drug act called Medicare Part D. The idea was to make sure drugs for those over 65 would be covered under the Medicare plane, something that has never been done before. And with the law going into effect in January, many folks say it’s just what the doctor ordered.

“If I did not have some help from my children and a little bit of retirement, I don’t know what I’d do frankly,” said Pat Evett, Medicare Recipient.

70-year-old Pat Evett has been on Medicare for five years and says the money she gets from Social Security is barely enough to pay for her medicine.

“I’m hoping this is gonna solve a lot of problems for me,” Evett said.

She’s happy that a new benefit will now provide Medicare beneficiaries like herself with prescription drug coverage.

“Medicare’s never offered prescription coverage at the retail setting and the community setting,” said Denise Stanley, Center for Medicare Services.

But starting in January, it will, so that’s why interim Mayor Willie Mays and the several outreach groups held a press conference today in Augusta to spread the good news.

“For those who fall in that low income bracket, we have to provide that gap and that network to make sure it happens,” Mays said.

But it’s not just helping the low income. Under the plan, nearly 42 million people will benefit, 1 million of those right here in Georgia. And with the change just months away, many say it’s time for people to get informed.

“Go find out, ask questions about it. Take advantage of all the partners we have out to help with enrollment,” said Denise Stanley, Center for Medicine Services.